Home and School Connection is Saskatchewan's largest educational supply and retail store. You will find over 40,000 educational toys, games, and resource materials because learning should be fun! Home & School Connection is owned and staffed by experienced educators. Our staff has over 60 years of classroom experience and a daycare background. We strive to make your job easier with quality educational materials and by offering services and advice that make learning fun. Fun for both the student and the teacher.

Home and School Connection is a store where you can find educational resources from books to toys. We carry a wide variety of teaching books, poster boards, maps, puzzles, games, and of course toys too. We're eager to help all of our customers find the things they need to learn and play whether they're parents or teachers.


General Information

Home and School Connection carries a wide variety of products from different companies in order to suit the customer's needs. We are able to order items from these companies' catalogs for our customer's shopping convenience. Here we are all about providing learning materials